The truth is in order to effectively manage a project you must be skilled in managing its people. From customer to technician, vendor to executive, if you are not effectively managing roles, responsibilities, communication and scope your project is at risk. And, for all the benefits of Gantt charts, timelines, and milestones; it is your soft skills that are the cornerstone of your projects’ success.

Just as you need to stay updated on project related tools, practices, and processes Project Managers, Program Managers, and Project Team Leaders need to invest in continuous development of the soft skills that can make or break a project. What many people don’t realize is that random workshops, intended to develop soft skills needed to manage people, may not specifically include the framework and strategies that are unique to the Project Manager’s role. We have developed the Soft Skills for the Project Manager workshop to help project managers acquire and implement the interpersonal and communication skills required to manage productivity, expectations and understanding of all project stakeholders.

Soft Skills for the Project Manager is offered via three separate online webinar sessions on November 4th, 11th, and 18th from 12:00 – 2:00 pm EST. Each session entitles you to obtain 2 RMCP® PCU credits and/or 2 PMP PDU credits. The sessions cover: (1) Role & Dynamics of a Project Manager (November 4); (2) Communication Strategy & Tactics (November 11); and (3) Scope & Change Management (November 18).

Sessions cost $99 (per session, per person) / $199 for all three (per person) Sign-up today!

The investment is sure to pay-off not only in more efficient and effective project management, but also in reduced frustration and time spent resolving problems you are able to prevent rather than react to.

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