High performing Professional Services Organizations must focus on efficiency and excellence in delivery when expanding the skill sets of their team in order to be competitive and remain high performing. Most PSOs establish a training budget as part of their annual operating plan and allocate hours for each employee to attend training throughout the year. Many, however, fail to create a plan for how to utilize their training budget or create roadmaps for employees to see what key skills they need to develop. This leads to a reactive model where managers often wait until they see problems in their team and use that as the basis for establishing the need for training resulting in an event-based approach to learning and development.

The most effective PSOs take a different approach. They recognize that skills development cannot be done in the margins and view training as a strategic initiative that requires thoughtful planning vs. a one-time event. They foster a culture of continuous learning and align learning and development with the role and career progression of their employees.

That’s why we developed an innovative approach to address the ongoing learning and development needs of Professional Services Organizations while saving both time and money. PS University is a strategic skills development program dedicated to the development of the PS skills service practitioners need to be successful in today’s technology services environment. Why PS University?

  • Only full lifecycle consulting and PS skills development program on the market
  • Provides a programmatic approach (vs. event based) to support ongoing skills development
  • Includes PS specific Learner Paths mapped to typical roles in a consulting or PS organization
  • PS-specific curriculum, organized like a college curriculum to support career progression
  • Flexible, technology-enabled delivery options including online testing and reporting
  • Flexible consumption model (including subscription pricing) for organizations, teams, and individuals
  • Delivered by PS practitioners

Our role-specific learner paths align training courses to the roles in your Consulting/Professional Services Organization.

  • Delivery Practitioner
  • Project Manager
  • Delivery Manager
  • Service Operations
  • Resource Manager
  • Services Engineer

Whether you are looking for an entire curriculum of training or a specific course, PS University provides your Professional Services Organization with the professional services training your employees need to be successful.

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