The simplest definition of Digital Transformation is the use of technology to enable better business outcomes. How people use technology in their everyday lives is fundamentally changing how businesses have to operate to meet customer and marketplace demands. Simply automating a manual process is not enough. Some key opportunities unique to the professional and consulting industry include:

  • Emergence and maturity of PSA solutions as “ERP for Services”
  • The need to leverage data, BI and AI for better decision-making
  • Collaboration technology for connected ecosystems
  • Enabling an integrated customer experience

Digital Transformation is a journey. Navigating this journey can be challenging.

  • Do I re-design processes and then automate or visa-versa?
  • What areas do I automate first?
  • What are my requirements or what should they be?
  • Which solutions are best?
  • I’ve automated, but how do I improve adoption?

The complexity of all this, not to mention the time and expense, can overwhelm even the largest of organizations. When you consider what is involved, it’s no wonder that recent studies show more than half of all PSA users are unhappy with their automation solution. The answer is PS Digital! We recently hosted our first webcast in a 3-part webinar series on PS Digital. In this first webcast we highlighted the forces that are driving Digital Transformation for PSOs and how PS Digital can help, from start to finish, on your Digital Transformation journey. We also identified some of the key components and technology areas that need to be considered specific to professional and consulting services. Click here to watch the webcast on-demand!

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