professional services organizationIn order to thrive in today’s technology services environment, Professional Services Organizations need to get better at growing and developing the skills of their most strategic asset – their people. Simply put, skills development isn’t something that can be done in the margins. It’s a strategic initiative that requires thoughtful planning and a programmatic approach. But, how do we break out of the more traditional ad-hoc approach to learning and development? How do we think differently in order to better position ourselves and our teams for success? We have to start thinking more programmatically about how we address the ongoing skills development needs of our teams.

This paper, More Bang for Your Buck: Best Practices for Increasing the Effectiveness of Skills Development for PSOs, outlines six key elements that should be considered when developing your game plan for a holistic approach to learning and development.

Skills development is a vital ingredient to success in any PS organization. Service practitioners have to continue to learn and evolve their skills and competencies in order to remain effective at the jobs they are asked to do every day. Take time to consider where you are today with your approach to learning and development. Does your organization have a learning and development strategy? Do you embrace and encourage a culture of continuous learning? Is there alignment between talent management and training programs? Do you have training programs readily available for your employees? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it might be time to evaluate how you’re currently thinking about learning and development and develop a more holistic, programmatic approach. Your business, your customers, and your employees will be glad you did!

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