Professional Services Automation (PSA) has evolved quite a bit in the last few years. Depending on the survey you look at and the type of organization you are, PSA adoption rates range from 55% to as high as 75%. This shift has been propelled by PSOs evolving away from stop-gap tools or home grown solutions driven by a need to reduce costs and improve project performance and quality. This growth has been very positive for the industry contributing to improved margins and greater efficiencies for delivery organizations.

effective professional services automationHowever, recent research indicates a high degree of dissatisfaction among delivery leaders with their current PSA capabilities. Typical sentiment of dissatisfied PSA users reflect that their solution is not meeting expectations and not bringing the level of benefits that were expected. In defense of PSA vendors, this dissatisfaction is not usually the result of poor functionality or product capability. Rather, it comes from PSOs not focusing on the three ‘Rs’ when implementing and using their solutions.

  1. Resource-Centric Capability
  2. Real-Time Information
  3. Realignment of Processes

Check out our recently published paper,  Achieve Success with Professional Services Automation Investment… Remember the Three ‘R’s, that examines three ‘R’s for implementing and using PSA applications to emphasize some core tenets for success when automating professional services.

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