resource management agileHow can you perform Resource Management for agile project delivery? Interesting question. Service delivery methods continue to evolve. Whether you are a professional services organization providing implementation services to your clients, or an internal IT department meeting the demands of your business stakeholders, changes in technology and delivery methods are having impacts on how you approach projects and manage resources. Resources are your most important asset. Therefore, it is critical to maintain the right levels of productivity – utilization – while introducing new delivery methods.

Agile is one such delivery method that continues to grow in adoption. While more pervasive in IT development organizations, agile methods are starting to take root in service delivery organizations as well. At the same time, service delivery organizations have come a long way in maturing their resource management processes while IT organizations are just now investing time and effort to get resource management right. This has put agile and resource management on a collision course of sorts. How can organizations operate with these highly popular agile methods while optimizing resource management? We address this challenge in our latest white paper, Resource Management in an Agile World. Download a complimentary copy today! After reading the paper, come back to the comment section below and share your thoughts.

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