RTM Consulting approaches every client engagement in a disciplined manner:

  1. We start by gaining an understanding of your business, your challenges and goals/objectives.
  2. Providing a rapid diagnostic and recommended future state for the business area(s) requiring focus – examples include:
    • Reviewing global resource management capabilities, providing high impact recommendations on how to improve billable utilization performance.  Our thought leadership in resource management and unique Just-in-Time Resourcing® brand of solutions can help you achieve sustainable benchmark levels of utilization lowering costs, improving profit and client satisfaction.
    • Assessing an existing business (or specific aspects of it) to evaluate the effectiveness of your professional and consulting services capabilities, and providing high impact recommendations on how to improve.
    • Reviewing Knowledge Management (KM) capabilities, providing high impact assessment of your needs, architecting a future state KM environment and defining an implementation plan.
    • Assessing your support services Workforce Management approach and results, and building a plan to implement best practices where gaps exist in your current operations.
    • The Education Services Health Check to compare and contrast your operation to other best practice operations, identify opportunities for improvement and build an implementation plan to make needed business process improvements.  
  3. Implementation services to accelerate implementation of recommendations and realization of projected benefits.
  4. Providing guidance and/or assistance in development of a professional, consulting, support or education services Business Plan tailored to the needs of your business.
  5. If appropriate, we deploy our business acceleration capabilities to expedite the result you want.