The Challenge

Many companies struggle with consistently servicing their customers around the globe. Picture an executive from the U.S. traveling in Europe, getting ready to deliver a pitch to a large global company and having PC issues. He calls the U.S. helpdesk and gets transferred to the European helpdesk because they have no idea how to help him. Sound familiar? With a robust knowledge management practice, the whole scenario could have been avoided. The U.S. helpdesk would have known the caveats of the executive being in Europe and, if need be, the European helpdesk would have known all about the U.S. computer image.

Do you find yourself and your company in any of these types of situations? Knowledge Management (KM) can and should be an important element of every support service strategy.

Our Solution and Approach

RTM Consulting can help assess your needs, architect a solution and help you implement the Knowledge Management support required to provide world class service to your customers.

Knowledge Management Assessment

Are you struggling with getting your data searchable from one location? Are you having trouble getting everyone to participate? One initiative that will have the best impact on your customers is a good knowledge management practice. Customers need a consistent answer, regardless of who they talk to. We can help by assessing your knowledge practice, recommending a proven strategy and driving it to completion.

Knowledge Management Solutions Design and Implementation

Building the right KM solution for your organization requires 1) deep experience with KM methodology and implementation approaches; 2) support services domain experience; 3) enabling technology support experience; 4) knowledge of how KM can and should be a part of an enterprise wide KM capability. Since RTM Consulting has expertise across all the services disciplines (professional, consulting, support and education) we bring a comprehensive approach to help you design, build and implement a customized KM solution for your business.

Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) Transition / Implementation

If your methodology of choice is KCS – we can help. RTM Consulting can help with implementing KCS by leading the entire program – creating a program map, providing guidance, facilitating training or just helping avoid common hurdles in implementation.

Knowledge Management Enabling Technology

RTM Consulting’s Knowledge Management Automation Tools Practice provides a full life-cycle of consulting services to define requirements, select and support implementation of the the appropriate enabling technology and align operational processes and user adoption with the technology to achieve maximum benefit in the shortest period of time.

RTM Consulting works with its clients on:

  • Automation Business Case Development
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • Automation Tool Use Optimization (deployment of processes)
  • Implementation Support
  • Business and Technical Architectures

RTM Consulting’s position in the professional services industry provides an extensive experience base with a wide variety of Knowledge Management tools as well as an objective third party assessment of what is right for your business. For a downloadable brochure about our Knowledge Management Automation Tools Practice, click here.

Knowledge Management Training

Part of every KM change management and implementation plan should be the right kind of training for every person in the enterprise involved with KM. RTM Consulting can deliver proven training to help your analysts and teams embrace the value of real Knowledge Management. We can create and deliver training that utilizes both your tools and workflow best practices.


Our Knowledge Management practice can review your KM processes and tools, make recommendations for improvement and drive these initiatives to completion. RTM Consulting will assess your environment versus our proven framework that will help you deliver services required to build loyalty and grow revenue at the lowest possible cost.

Contact RTM Consulting to gain access to our insights and experience with this critical aspect of running your business. For a downloadable brochure about our Knowledge Management Services Practice, click here.

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