Does the public training calendar not mesh with your calendar? Do you like taking training courses “off hours” or when you have down time on a project? Do you want the ability to stop/start/rewind and come back at any point during your training?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then on-demand training is right for you. RTM Consulting has recorded our most popular soft skills courses and made them available for training on your schedule and time frame. Available 24×7 for 30-day access from purchase, on-demand training provides a video recording of the materials typically presented by a live instructor. As with all of our training courses, completed on-demand training videos entitle you to earn 1 PCU (Professional Certification Unit) for RTM Consulting’s Resource Management Certified Professional (RMCP)® program and/or 1 PDU (Professional Development Unit) per the PMI organization.

On-demand training videos are accessed through RTM Consulting’s learning management system and are available on any device that is browser enabled – computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Modules are $79 for 30-day access or $99 for one year access and may be purchased individually or as a bundle. Purchase all 6 of the modules below together for $399 for 30-day access or $499 for one year access — basically a module for free!

Purchase Instructions

  • Click any of the course titles from the selections below
  • Create an account and log into RTM Consulting’s learning management system (accounts are free and just require a name an email address)
  • Select your preferred courses and click “Add to Cart”
  • Purchased videos are available 24×7 for 30-day access from purchase; purchase price is per person, per video – group viewing is strictly prohibited
  • For on-demand training questions, please email

Consulting Soft Skills Development

Consulting soft skills courses focus on improving your soft skills for better customer engagements and project outcomes.

SS1001 – Standard Engagement/Lifecycle Process

  • Reviews the standard Professional Services organization structures and the role of the consultant in the engagement process
  • Reviews the importance of project management and the relationship with the consultant on a project
  • Reviews how to address difficult situations on projects

SS1002 – Role and Dynamics of a Consultant

  • Defines the various roles a consultant plays throughout an engagement
  • Evaluates client stakeholders and provides tools on how to manage various types of stakeholders
  • Provides practical tips and techniques on how to become a ‘Trusted Advisor’ to your customers

SS1003 – Communication Strategy and Tactics

  • Reviews communicating effectively and explains why effective communication is important
  • Learn how to develop and communicate key messages
  • Explores communication in business – written communication and leading/facilitating meetings

SS1004 – Risk and Issue Management

  • Reviews best practices in communicating issues and risks (written and verbal)
  • Understand how to effectively communicate issues and risks
  • Learn the importance of communicating issues and risks

SS1005 – Identify and Capturing Value

  • Discusses creating value and the role of the consultant in identifying and capturing value
  • Reviews selling concepts for the consultant and creating and communicating value

SS1006 – Scope Management

  • Covers scope management fundamentals
  • Understand what is scope creep, why we should manage scope, and how to avoid it