The Performance Improvements Through Variability Reduction course exposes field services personnel to variability reduction processes which can be applied to virtually any field services performance metric.

Variability reduction processes are a proven method for improving Field Services performance tactically. This course uses Lean Six Sigma principals to support performance improvements in Field Services results including first visit resolution, labor costs, parts management, vehicle fleet management, and more. The course can also help participants identify potential opportunities where variability reduction processes may help in their firm.

TIME: December 8 and December 10 | 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST
FORMAT: Two separate online webinar sessions; instructor led sessions run approximately two hours
COST: $349 per person (volume discounts are available contact

Course Learning Objectives
  • Understand why you should be thinking about variability analyses as part of your ongoing process improvement initiatives
  • Learn how Lean Six Sigma principles can support performance improvement in Field Services results including first visit resolution, parts management, vehicle fleet management and more
  • Understand how a focus on variability can lead to greater customer satisfaction and retention, lower costs and overall better field service results
  • Gain exposure to the variability reduction process
  • Learn to identify potential opportunities in your firm

Don’t miss out on this training! Click here to learn more about this course and register.

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