ball-93118_640 Today’s challenging environment makes running a services business highly dependent upon having lean and proven business and operational processes designed for peak performance. When a project starts with the right team on day 1, the odds of success are immensely better than a project starting with the wrong team on day 1, or starting late, period. Project delays, personnel changes and churn, project errors, and more are the results of having the wrong project staffing. And as overall quality begins to suffer, so does client satisfaction. The ability to get the right person in the right place at the right time is mission critical for today’s consulting and PS teams.

What is Just-in-Time Resourcing®

Just-in-Time Resourcing® (JITR) is RTM Consulting’s brand for human capital management services. We introduced JITR to help companies build the right set of capabilities to accomplish the most efficient use of human capital for services operations.

A full JITR solution is underpinned by our Global Resource Management (GRM) methodology. Read on for an outline of the key elements of GRM. We have also authored The Consulting Project Performance Paradox: Why Resource Management Trumps Quality and Project Management Processes to help you understand GRM and begin building a first class JITR solution for your organization.

Building the Necessary Infrastructure

Effective GRM is highly dependent on building a framework of processes to manage skills inventories, skills usage, skills building, resource allocation, project and change management, and measurement input for financial, quality, and operational management purposes. Effective management and execution of these foundational processes require discipline and organizational commitment. There are five key elements necessary for effective GRM infrastructure:

  1. Effective demand forecasting
  2. Responsive recruiting
  3. Peak-load workforce strategy and planning
  4. The Resource Management Office (RMO)
  5. PS Automation systems

Effective Resource Pool Management

This critical element defines at a minimum how we manage our pool of human capital including capacity, skills mix, geographic mix, people development, compensation, and deployment choices. How you manage the resource pool is very important, and a key dynamic of a JITR solution. Key considerations for effective management of the resource pool are:

  • Organizational considerations
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Managing resources regionally and globally
  • Cost – skills balance
  • Talent Management and retention

Definition of Core Solution Offerings

To facilitate more ‘product like’ or ‘repeatable’ attributes of labor requirements means driving more packaged service definition and sales. To get started, follow the steps of a product manager:

  1. Identify/research where there is an intersection of client need and your perceived core competency
  2. Define and qualify elements of a unique service (like a product plan) to solve the business need and find a beta client to test/refine the idea
  3. Forecast and plan your resource needs
  4. Train/enable your distribution channel, and market/launch the service e) Build a closed loop feedback mechanism to keep improving the offer

Measuring and Monitoring

There are both quantitative and qualitative methods for measuring success of your resource forecasting process, and, of course, the effect on project performance. Quantitatively, start by establishing your baseline and measure improvements in the following:

  • Utilization
  • On-time delivery performance
  • Cost performance
  • Client and sales team satisfaction
  • Quality

There are also many ways to measure success qualitatively. Some common methods include looking for a decline in fire drill inquiries from the CFO or finance team, resulting from improved forecasting accuracy, or a change in the role of a typical Consulting/PS manager morphing from a reactionary role to a more predictive (and enjoyable) one. Your organization will need to determine the method that will work best for you.

For More Information

JITR is a major shift professional and consulting services companies need to make. The Consulting Project Performance Paradox: Why Resource Management Trumps Quality and Project Management Processes was written to be a resource for services organizations ready to make that move.

You can also visit the RTM Consulting website if you are interested in learning more about JITR. Here you will find White Papers, case studies and a Utilization Calculator that lets you plug in your own utilization numbers. If you want to speak with RTM Consulting, our experts can help you with assessing and implementing the right plan for your company. We also offer an industry certification program known as RMCP® (Resource Management Certified Professional). The certification program is for RM professionals/managers and designed to build stronger core competencies in the fundamentals necessary for building sustainable and predictable resource management capabilities.

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