learning needs assessmentSkills development is a vital element of a healthy services organization. Today’s ever-changing technology industry requires organizations to take a holistic approach to learning and development in order to prepare resources to be successful. Organizations that excel in skills development begin the process with a learning needs assessment to drive holistic training curriculums and plans that address on-going needs of resources, rather than pursuing one-time training events.

We have an approach to pinpointing your needs so you can ensure the best outcomes when it comes to training curriculums and skills development – a learning needs assessment. This assessment will help you better focus your training investment, improve usable skills post training, and create more predictable outcomes to training.

We work with your team to understand your situation and define an approach to conducting a learning needs assessment. This process includes:

  • Collecting and documenting current capabilities by skills testing or surveys, interviews, job observations, employee feedback from supervisors, and self-assessments
  • Understanding from management, and others, current and future skills needs of the organization
  • Mapping skills needs to existing capabilities to create a skills gap analysis
  • Documenting current and future requirements as input to curriculum and skills development planning
  • Developing an ongoing continuous process for skills planning

If you are interested in more information about our Learning Needs Assessments, you can download a PDF copy of the Learning Needs Assessments brochure.

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