Many Professional Services Organizations continue to approach training their personnel with the same old approaches – they establish a training budget as part of the annual operating plan and allocate hours for each employee to attend training during the year, without developing a plan for what skills their team needs to develop and how they are going to utilize their budget. Without a plan, they wait until performance problems occur and then base training needs on fixing those performance problems.

Sound familiar? We have a new, innovative approach for training your services personnel – Professional Services Excellence (PSE). PSE is an annual membership program dedicated to continuous learning and development of services practitioners and organizations.professional services training

Why is PSE the new approach to training? It provides:

  • A holistic/programmatic approach to training for all employees in the PSO
  • Continuous access to our Professional Services training curriculum – training specifically designed to develop skills related to being a good PS professional
  • Practical training content created and delivered by experienced PS professionals
  • Flexible program pricing
  • Support through the duration of the program
  • Continuous learning and built-in knowledge checks

Skills development can’t be done in the margins. It is a strategic initiative that requires thoughtful planning. We would like your thoughts on training your services personnel. Are you embracing a more programmatic approach in your training? Add your comments below.

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