introduction to resource managementServices providers are constantly being challenged to…

  1. provide the right resources at the right place at the right time
  2. maximize margins and project performance
  3. continually onboard and educate resource managers

Efficient Resource Management leads to improved project performance, improved utilization of human capital, better customer satisfaction for internal and external customers, reduced employee attrition, and reduced time management is involved in staffing issues. We offer an instructor led Introduction to Resource Management online training course that covers…

  • reviewing the foundational concepts of resource management and how it supports the organization
  • learning the fundamentals of characterizing resource supply and demand through skills management, processing staffing requests and forecasting future demand
  • understanding the role technology and governance play in effective resource management

This direct link to our class brochure provides more information about the Introduction to Resource Management training. The next course is scheduled for July 16 & 18. Click here for more information.

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