Digital Transformation is the latest buzz word taking the world by storm. The pace of technological change is accelerating and how people use technology in their everyday lives is fundamentally changing how businesses have to operate to meet customer and marketplace demands.PS Digital

PS Digital is our holistic approach to helping professional and consulting services organizations keep pace with a rapidly changing technology landscape. The fast pace of innovation within the industry combined with broader technology trends present services organizations with more compelling, cost effective solutions that makes the status quo and incremental approaches no longer acceptable.

Join Technology Practice Leader, Wade Little, on Tuesday, November 19 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET, for the second webcast, Managing Connectedness Across a Broad Set of Stakeholders, in our 3-part webinar series on PS Digital. Many Professional Services functional areas are interconnected – e.g. Resource Management, Project Management, Revenue Forecasting, Capacity Planning, etc. A change in one area can have impacts on all the other areas, impacting not only consultants, but many stakeholders throughout the organization. During this webinar we will talk about this interconnectedness and how to navigate and manage in that environment. Reserve your spot today!

Missed the first PS Digital webcast The Opportunity of Digital Transformation for Professional Services Organizations? Watch the recording.

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