FS CourseFS executives last year kept telling us they were dealing with brutal cuts and not a lot of time to accomplish it. After reaching out to our network early this year, 2016 looks much like a repeat of the same.

Not only are the FS teams being challenged to reduce costs of labor, parts and vehicles, but also for improving all other aspects of customer service, e.g. first visit performance, depot repair operations, and mean time to repair. That’s why we teach a solution know as Variability Reduction.

The Variability Reduction technique provides an agile solution that gets you fact based data fast to focus on where real and rapid cost reduction opportunities can be found, while also identifying and enabling customer service improvement opportunities. Let me provide an example of a recent situation:

  • Variability Reduction was used with a $5B+ hardware/software firm…
  • It helped them achieve parts cost savings exceeding $1.5M/month, while overall improving customer service…
  • Making this transformation effort even more interesting was the time from problem identification to real savings was less than six months…
  • And the savings were/are expected to continue on in future years!

Want to learn more? We have a Variability Reduction training opportunity that starts in 2 weeks! This online training course titled, Performance Improvement through Variability Reduction, is taught by a Six Sigma Black Belt and Field Services expert. Learn more about the course and register today! We still have seats available.

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