first time fix performanceField and support service teams are constantly challenged with first time fix performance, along with a lack of internal funding to tackle needed transformative efforts. Sound familiar? We all know better first time fix performance means happier customers and lower costs of servicing those customer incidents. But the question remains, “How do I fund transformative efforts without impacting my current year budget?”

We have a process to help you tackle any type of first time fix issues and do it in a self-funded way.

  • We conduct a rapid assessment to identify what is needed to improve your first time fix performance, and where the cost levers are to offset transformation efforts. Using the latest in lean six sigma science, and our innovative Variability Reduction (VR) Methodology, we get you the facts you can have confidence in.
  • Then we implement your transformative needs quickly using our VR Methodology. The essence of our VR method provides an agile approach to generating cost efficiencies quickly while enabling systematic change to your business processes and service performance.

For reference here are links for two white papers. (1) The Fastpath to Optimizing Labor, Parts and Vehicle Fleets and (2) First Call/Visit Resolution. After reviewing the papers, come back to this post and let us know what you think. We would love your feedback in the comments section below.

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