improve labor parts vehicle costsTech hardware margins are shrinking industry wide – that’s a fact! Hardware support revenues are also under pressure. Driving for lower field hardware support costs then just makes sense.

The key is making cuts that don’t make the problem worse, or even better, lead to systematic improvements in customer service. Both are possible. For reference, we worked with a $5B+ hardware/software firm and achieved parts cost savings exceeding $1.5M/month, while overall improving customer service. Making this transformation effort even more interesting was the time from problem identification to real savings was less than six months. And the savings are expected to continue on in future years.

The technique we used is known as Variability Reduction (VR). VR provides a ‘shortcut’ solution that gets you fact based data fast to focus on where real and rapid cost reduction opportunities can be found (and acted upon), while also identifying customer service improvement opportunities (often with tactical solutions leading to systematic change).

If this is something you’re challenged with too, then this white paper, The CFO’s Guide to Cost Effectiveness in Field Services, is a must read. Download your complimentary PDF copy today!

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