vehicle fleet managementVehicle fleet management is a key enabler to your Field Services organization in fulfilling its mission. Fleets represent a significant cost to the operation and provide a great opportunity for savings. In addition to focusing on the hard costs associated with the fleet, often overlooked are the governance and controls that aid organizations in managing the potential risks with such an operation.

Providing your Field Services organization with the right vehicle at the right cost is a never-ending charge. Combine that with growing regulations and ever-present risks, and the task can become formidable. How do Services leaders decide where to focus their time and investment to get high impact results quickly?

To help these Services Leaders address this critical question, we developed our Vehicle Fleet Optimization QuickStart, where our Field Services experts can help accelerate your time to improved results. This service is a rapid assessment designed to provide you with actionable recommendations and a plan to implement within weeks. Our approach is to assess your current operation, compare to leading practices and provide a range of improvement recommendations across the following areas:

  1. Program Administration and Management – current management model (insource/outsource), vendor management and strategic alignment
  2. Vehicle Selection and Refresh – vehicle type, purpose, financing, ownership, aging and depreciation, maintenance and disposition
  3. Vehicle Usage – driver eligibility, vehicle tracking, usage reporting, safety programs, legal/tax compliance, ticket/violation management, fuel and maintenance process and procedures
  4. Internal Controls – provide transformative implementation roadmap and recommendations which include size and scope of effort, prioritized initiatives, identification of dependencies (e.g. costs, resources, etc.), and timeline for execution — we also provide an ROI analysis to help with gaining needed budget support

For more on this topic, please visit our Vehicle Fleet Optimization page or download our Vehicle Fleet Optimization QuickStart brochure.

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