phoneFirst Call Resolution (FCR) performance is a leading indicator for customer satisfaction and operations performance and efficiency. The longer it takes to implement effective FCR, the more costly in hard costs, soft costs, revenue loss and customer satisfaction/retention. This motivated us to design First Call Resolution QuickStart to provide a customized approach, along with an accelerated time to benefit, focused on delivering company specific and transformative results in weeks, not months.

Great customer support requires a top down strategy supported by the right set of integrated capabilities, cross-functional processes and enabling technology and infrastructure to achieve consistent levels of high customer satisfaction. FCR QuickStart was developed because effectively and expeditiously refining existing service and support capabilities takes time and we know Field/Support Services leaders are under intense pressure to lower costs while improving customer service.

RTMC’s unique framework begins with analysis of your current performance and concludes with an execution plan including building the transformation roadmap and timeline. Learn more:

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