Support Center OperationWe recently assisted an 811 organization with a rapid assessment, analysis, and recommendations related to contact handling capabilities, and other critical business areas, within their operations. Texas811 utilizes a world class technology to support its clients in the critical arena of ensuring safety when providing utility line location services. The company is highly recognized as a quality employer. The company wanted to improve the quality of services delivery and increase their customers’ utilization of their self-service and online capabilities. They engaged us to help better understand what solutions could be initiated to accomplish these desired improvements.

We developed our Support/Field Services offerings to help companies assess, develop, and deliver the value-added support services capabilities required for market success. Working with Texas811’s customer service leadership, we were able to:

  • Provide a rapid assessment and analysis of current contact handling capabilities utilizing our Support Services Framework
  • Identify opportunities, and recommend solutions, that would increase customer utilization of the online self-service options offered
  • Identify related opportunities, and recommend solutions, in areas of Resource Management and employee turnover

Click here to read more about the challenges this 811 organization faced, along with the results they were able to achieve.

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